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About Us


AboutUS is a bit of an exaggeration. AboutME would be more apt !

My name is Peter Shevill, I am the sole proprietor of www.petershevill.com.

I am also the designer, developer and maintainer of:

I do this on a part-time basis from my home in Brisbane, Australia.

I have a regular 9-5 job as a System Engineer so applogies if my support is sometimes a little tardy.

In fact I have been away from my development environment most of the last year.

Ok Ok so it is an ugly website , if the application becomes popular I make it better ! 

In fact I have had some complaints about the Web Sites, sorry as an enterprise my application making business is not booming !

You will have to put up with this circa 1990 website for a bit longer (not wanting to show my age too much but hey I wrote much better Websites in the 1990's)