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Incidents Introduction

This application designed to help incident investigators collect information about incidents that occur at some geographical location.

What sort of Incidents ?

Well that is really only limited by your imagination. I don't really expect professional Crime Scene Investigators to use it, I am sure they have better tools for that purpose, but perhaps Animal Protection personnel, geologist, fencers quoting on job, bird watchers, insect chasers, might find a use for it.

It this a new idea ? I shouldn't think so, but I have not really looked to see. The App grew out of a more more complex application, and just seemed like a good idea.


The application depends on you having an iCloud Account to store your private database within. It does not  store any personnel information in the database, you are a User of the database, but only the database knows who you are, all user information is opaque to everyone (outside of apple). 

If you dont have an iCloud account on principle, ok, you get a local database, which is fine for a single device person, but there are not many of those anymore..

Photos Policy

I have placed a camera in your hand, and the image you take are private to your iCloud account, or not so private if you used a corporate iCloud account. It is up to you what you takes photos off, but if you break any laws with those images, that is your business and I will accept no liability fro your misdeeds.

Apologies for asking for permissions for everything

The app requests your permission for a lot of things. With IOS 10 came a lot of privacy policy driven changes to get user permissions for anything that might impose on you privacy.

So the App asks for permission to do the following

I forget what else. This is something I have no choice in doing so, I am sorry, but Apple require them all. If you want the APP to be fully functional then allow them all.

Cheap App

This app is cheap, at the lowest their of Apples pricing structure, but it also comes with a auto-renewing subscription which will request a subscription after 12 months of use. What happens if you don't subscribe, well I haven't decided yet !

After twelve months the app will start asking for a subscription. There is a small subscription fee for 12 months subscription. You can choose not to pay the consequence will be that ????. Also each time you launch the app you will be invited to subscribe.

On the About tab there is a subscribe button, it will disappear after you subscribe. It was there to let me test Subscriptions, but I left it there, if you really like the application and would like to donate to me, you can voluntarily subscribe.

Please see the terms of use page here.